With an impressive track record spanning nearly two decades in the alcohol industry, Director of Malts Danny Saltman embarked on a mission to redefine the whisky landscape and deliver an extraordinary collection to the market.
Driven by an insatiable passion for exceptional wine and whisky, our vision was to create an experience that would captivate not only our loved ones and friends but also whisky enthusiasts around the globe. Venturing across the scenic landscapes of Scotland, we meticulously handpicked rare, aged casks from remote distilleries, ensuring that each one held a distinctive tale waiting to be savoured.

At DS Tayman, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. As an independent bottler renowned for our craftsmanship, we meticulously select each cask based on its unique appearance, aroma, and flavour, ensuring that every dram tells a remarkable story. What sets us apart is our pioneering spirit—being among the first in the world to introduce a kosher wine finish to our whiskies, certified by three esteemed kosher authorities.

Initially inspired by a desire to cater to the discerning tastes of the Jewish community, our whisky's exceptional quality and character transcended boundaries, captivating whisky enthusiasts in 19 diverse markets worldwide. Today, our reach knows no bounds as we proudly share our passion for whisky with connoisseurs across the globe.

Step into the world of DS Tayman, where tradition meets innovation, and each sip unlocks a symphony of flavours that leave an indelible mark on your palate. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we continue to redefine what it means to indulge in the art of fine whisky.
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Danny Saltman

Director of Malts/Co-founder
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Saul Taylor

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Romy Pikoos

Head of Marketing
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Jonathan Cohen

Finance and Operations
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Romy Pikoos

Romy joins us after kicking off a social media career blogging about great food and drink – with a particular passion for whisky.

Following this passion has led her to become Brand Ambassador for our Independent Bottling DS Tayman whisky.

Bringing experience from her previous roles working with people of all ages, as well as developing and running training and educational sessions meant this would be a perfect fit for our company.

Romy is responsible for our marketing, social media, networking and brand awareness.

Jonathan Cohen

Jonathan trained as an accountant in general practice before specialising in audit at a boutique firm in central London.

After 10 years in accountancy practice, Jonathan was keen to take on a new challenge and joined Dalkeith Brokerage to set-up and manage the finance and operational side of the business.

As well as looking after the financial side of the business, Jonathan is always on hand behind the scenes to support other departments when needed.

Ronnie Routledge

Ronnie has joined Dalkeith Brokerage following a 33 year career in the UK and world drinks industry, 26 years specifically in the worldwide Scotch Whisky field.

He is one of the most recognised names in the whisky business and is both a Keeper of the Quaich and Whisky Industry judge for the last 19 years.

As the Head of Whisky, Ronnie is ultimately responsible for cask sourcing and pricing at Dalkeith.

He has worked in a number of roles at various distilleries including Glenglassaugh, Glendronach and Benriach. He has specific expertise in the Independent Bottling world, having worked for both Duncan Taylor and Gordon & MacPhail.

Danny Saltman

With a career spanning over fifteen years entirely devoted to luxury alcohol, The Dalkeith Brokerage is the culmination of years of dreaming, learning and exploring.

Danny started his career in selling wine before moving to run a boutique Wine and Whisky shop in London. It was here where his love for Whisky truly flourished, with a section dedicated to independent bottlers.

Thanks to his extensive experience in the market, he has been asked to educate on both Whisky and Wine around the world whilst building his own private collection of Whisky casks and bottles.

This knowledge, as well as a desire to push and realise his personal ambitions, saw him join Saul to co-found The Dalkeith Brokerage.

Saul Taylor

With a history in the Trading and Investment Management space for nine years at the Bank of New York/ConvergeX, Saul traded on behalf of some of the largest international asset managers.

Saul built a great network within the market, and from there he joined Visium Asset Management, the large international hedge fund, with responsibility for European trading.

Saul is well known within the Trading community. He has participated in Trading and Investment Management conferences across the world and a commentator on Equity Markets for Bloomberg.

With a passion for Whisky, he started trading privately before joining Danny to co-found the Dalkeith Brokerage to offer an innovative and exciting alternative to the Investment Management community.
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